I first met Mila and her lovely family last year for her newborn photography session. I remember meeting her and feeling like I’d hit the dream baby jackpot! She was gorgeous, squishy, and perfectly sleepy with a full head of dark hair & gorgeous eyelashes…AND had the most adorable and cooperative big brother. :) Then they signed up for the Bebe Plan…BONUS…as a Bebe Plan member I’d get to see her several times throughout the year!

A few weeks ago Mila came back for the second session of her Bebe Plan. I felt like I’d died and gone to heaven…she is just a photographer’s dream. :) Still as gorgeous as ever and now EVEN SQUISHIER! I could have easily photographed her all day long – completely adore this little lady. It’s always an honor to be able to share in first year memories – can’t wait to see this family again in the fall.



Love newborn smiles!


Isn’t she the absolute sweetest?!?! Here’s Mila now. Watching my little clients change over the first year is one of my very favorite things.



I can’t get enough of this face!


SO stinking cute!