Today’s blog post comes to you all the way from May 2014! Yikes!! Things got super busy last year and blogging kind of fell by the wayside…eek! Over the next few weeks I’m going to be blogging some sessions from 2014 and then continue on with blogging 2015 sessions in real-time. ;)

These two little people (and their mama) always put a smile on my face and make my heart happy – I just cannot say enough wonderful things about them. It has been such a pleasure watching them grow over the last couple years, and I know when I see their session on my calendar I’m always in for a treat!

The emails from their mama are always the best!

Oh Sarah…you have done it again!
I just got the email that I wait for every year. I couldn’t click the link fast enough!! Then it happened…I am slowly melting because every picture is absolutely perfect. I was thinking to myself “I hope it just goes on forever” (the slideshow), then I thought “wait…there are a lot of pictures here”, then it turned to anger because I knew it would be up to me to narrow it down…then acceptance that I just have to buy them all :) (just like every year). LOL
These are amazing as always – thank you so much Sarah!! Can’t wait to get them ordered and displayed. :)”