I thought I’d share a fun little project I recently did with you all! :)  I am the first to admit I am a huge prop…hat…headband addict!  This is easily proven by the 2 huge drawers I have full of newborn hats.  I recently had the urge to create something and thought these little headbands seemed easy enough to make…and they were!  So easy, in fact, that I put together a quick little “how to” guide for you.

If you’re a photographer, choose a few fabrics that are true to your style and you’ll have a few unique props in no time.  If you’re not a photographer, these are easy enough to make and would make a great little gift for any baby girl.  Or moms out there, make a fun little bow to take to your own newborn session.

Now don’t worry all you hat and headband makers, I am not about to start knitting hats or making this a daily occurrence, I will happily be back to give you my money…and probably soon. ;)

First, the final result, shown on the beautiful Miss Hailey (her session coming up soon)…

…and all you need to know.