These 2 sisters are so beautiful…inside and out.  They have given me so much joy (and laughter!) over the past few years of photographing them, and it has been wonderful watching them grow and change and to see their personalities emerge and flourish.  Besides their outward beauty, they are also intelligent, loving, witty, a bit sassy, a lot silly….and absolutely charming.  Just my kind of girls.  They also happen to adore me and are always very excited for pictures…that helps too!!  Seeeeeee…I told you they were charming. ;)

This is Ashley…she is the middle of 3 sisters (well, for now, mom is due with sibling #4 around Christmas!)

Her personality encompasses everything they say about middle children…:)

This is Lauren…she captured my heart a long time ago.

This was Lauren’s response to me asking, “Can you show me your best serious face?”  I did not pose her, she did it all on her own…could you ask for more??  A favorite from this session for sure!

Do you see what I see?  She’s a spunky one! :)

I love this because it’s so her…

…and so is this!

I just realized I always love Lauren’s serious faces…I can’t resist those big brown eyes and pouty lips.  Love her look here.

Prior to this session, we’ve always done their sessions separate.  This time I suggested we combine them into one session and do some sibling shots at the end.  I made the tent just for their session, but by the time we brought it out they were getting to the point of being done (and the light was fading quickly)…but I seriously love this set of images.  It’s exactly what I had envisioned…just them…loving…laughing…being sisters.  The last one is one of my favorite images EVER, I just love it!!