This session was SO much fun….and I completely adore these people!  They are genuinely sweet and all around wonderful, not to mention so gorgeous that they make my job incredibly easy.  We had so much fun with the drum set and were thoroughly entertained…complete with an original song and drum solo. ;)  So hard to choose my faves from this session, so I grabbed a bunch.

Pure gorgeousness!

Miss Luna…a beautiful little lady.

Dad is definitely gonna be in trouble with this one.  Get the stick ready. ;)

Sweet sweet Koa…

Pure awesomeness!  You should hear him play…so amazing for a 3 year old.  He’s already a rockstar. :)

He makes me smile.  Such a cool little dude.  Adore him to pieces.

Miss Luna was not about to quit without taking her turn on the drums.

Pure sweetness. <3