Just a quick schedule update…Fall session booking for previous clients opens July 22nd and everyone else on August 8th. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter so you are among the first to be notified.  Sessions will be reserved on a first come first served basis. You can sign up for the newsletter on the website, stay on that first page,  just scroll down for the box to enter your email.

Also, I will be on vacation from July 25th – August 7th.  I will have limited access to internet/email during this time so response to phone calls and emails may be delayed a bit.

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I’ve had so many fun sessions lately…lots to blog…so stay tuned!  The weather has been pretty darn good to me so far this summer….hot….okay REALLY hot (this last week especially)…on those days I count the sessions as my workout for the day, so it’s all good. ;) Hey…it’s only fair, right?  You’ll recognize these first boys as I’ve photographed them several times in the past.  This might be my favorite session yet!  Nate is now 2 which is such a great age to photograph, so natural, carefree, and genuine…the images are always such a true representation of who they are.  We were so lucky to get images of the boys together too.  I absolutely adore them.


This one melts my heart. :)

When I was clicking away during this next set, I knew immediately it would make a fun storyboard.  I like to call this “The Anatomy of a Shot: 2 Year Old Edition”…


…and the show stopper…*drumroll please*…if you have a tantrum during your session, you will likely end up on the blog.  Even if you’re 2.  So classic.  I love it.  And at that point we called it a session. ;)