The lovely Miss Madisyn is!!!!!

It’s pretty rare that a 2 year old actually wants to be in the vicinity of this brand new being, whom they now have to share mom’s attention with…but for the ever so sweet Madisyn, it was no issue at all.  She laid down, stayed put, and 5 seconds later we had our shot.  Bonus!!  I couldn’t decide if I liked this one better in color or black & white…

HOWEVER…little Mister Callan made up for the cooperation of his big sister!! heehee  Mom and I joked that it would just be too easy for her to have two well behaved children. ;)  Although little babe was brand new, and had soundly snoozed through many days and nights prior to coming to visit me, once we were in the studio he was all about staying awake and sleeping was most definitely not on his agenda.  Little stinker. :) I’ve had a handful of little ones who were simply awake or just wouldn’t settle…when that happens I normally chat with the parents, and if it works, have them come back another day.  When Callan came back on day 2, he was a great little sleeper and we got some adorable shots.

Thanks for hanging in there Ashleigh….I hope you love the images!  Enjoy him!!