A couple weeks ago my cousins from Minnesota came for a visit…and their annual photo session.  We headed downtown for an urban session.  The weather was beautiful and the kids did fantastic!!  So much fun.

Also, I get a lot of questions about what to wear for sessions…and how to find something stylish without spending a fortune.  In preparing for their session, I told my aunt I would keep my eyes peeled for any possible outfits that caught my eye…preferably budget friendly.  ;)  I think I did pretty well.  Both of the boys’ button up shirts were from Target (the Shaun White line…which has some really great options), about $7 on clearance.  Score! Their undershirts were both from Kohl’s (Tony Hawk brand), $10-$12 each.  The gray hoodie was also from the Tony Hawk line at Kohl’s $20.  And for the lady, the red cardigan and leggings were scored from Target, $12 and $8 respectively. The skirt and boots were from Justice, but purchased at 40% off.

All in all, not counting the boys’ jeans which they already had, the total cost for outfitting all 3 kids was right around $100.  Not too shabby.

Here are a few faves from their session…