I’ve been editing now pretty much for 12 hours straight!  My brain is fried so please excuse the cheesy blog title, that’s all I could thing of when boys came to mind.  LOL  Side note:  I don’t know who I thought sang that song, but it definitely wasn’t Deniece Williams.  Good.  Now I feel better to have learned something in all my cheesy-ness.  ;)

Anyway…..Up next is another family who is always fun to work with!  Three boys…they certainly kept me on my toes!!  Littlest man is one so we had to grab a few extra of him.  Such a handsome little guy, and full of smiles too.  :)

Something about this one I just love.  His expression melts me.  Such a cutie!!

I looooooooooove this one too!  Love his glasses.  So very sophisticated for an 8 year old!

And the crazy man, who actually did very well.  I think mom may have been a bit worried…but as you can see, no worries.  We got lots of good stuff!

Party of five!  Love all the boys’ unique expressions here!  And no head swaps needed…SCORE!!