You may remember these ladies from last year.  I always look forward to photographing them as they are just too beautiful and make my job super duper easy!  I absolutely ADORE their outfits, mom always does a perfect job of coordinating everyone!  Way to go Jen!  :)  And poor dad, he is certainly going to have his hands full fending off the many suitors that come knocking down their door.  My husband suggests answering the door in your tighty whities.  ;)

I commented to mom how I think it’s so amazing how they all look so different (in my opinion), but all are equally gorgeous (fact)!  Good genes!!

And the littlest lady…she has changed so much from last year.  No more baby.  I could eat her up.  So cute.

Her eyes are so pretty!

Gorgeous family!

Sometimes a two year old moment is inevitable! LOL  Three out of four isn’t bad.

And sometimes it’s okay to cheat….just a little. =)