I am in newborn heaven here and Miss Chloe is one of the several little babes I’ve gotten to snuggle these past couple weeks.  I am having some SERIOUS baby fever I tell ‘ya!!  She also had the second mommy to come in and tell me that she was already such a great sleeper at night!  Welllllllll, that is generally good for new mommies, but most times it means these sweet babes are ready to party the day of their session.  ;)  No complaining here, just meant I got to snuggle her a little extra until she was nice and sleepy.

Here are a few of my faves from her session!  Looooooooooooove those baby smiles, and this was the first image I snapped!  Lucky me!

She is such a pretty, pretty babe!  Love her little mouth and chin.

Kissy lips!!  Too precious!  :)