I have been truly blessed to work with this family.  They are all truly BEAUTIFUL and super sweet to boot.  I’m proud to have them not only as clients, but also as FRIENDS!  I first photographed this little man while he was still in mom’s tummy and then was honored to photograph his birth (click here to see his birth slideshow)….and a few more times since then, so it would only be fitting that we get together and celebrate him turning O-N-E!

His mom warned me that he was ALL boy and a little busy body, and she was right!  One is such a great age as they are so full of wonder and determination…totally fearless….so innocent…and just plain cute.

I have a whole series of images where he kept looking in this hole.  It was so funny and I couldn’t stop giggling.  I bet he was obsessed with this whole for at least 10-15 minutes.  He was determined to find something in the hole.  Mom said he has a toy where the ball comes out of the hole so he was probably looking for that, but it was just too cute. :)