This sweet little ball of perfection came to visit me last week.  She was sooooooo good to me and we got some A-DOR-ABLE shots.  I couldn’t wait to peek at these…here are a few of my faves.

Meet Fiona Madison…7 days new…

This one made me giggle!  Flexing her muscles already.  And aren’t her cheeks so kissable?!?

I recently repainted this wall in my studio.  I LOVE it now.  Love the creamy whites, with just a bit of color here.

More textured goodness. :)

Mom brought this hat to coordinate with her bedroom and I immediately imagined the finish product with a nice vintage touch.  LOVE this!

More colors to match the bedroom.  And one of my painted pieces for this year…so far it’s been a hit!

This was one of the last shots of the session.  Clients always ask how I get the smiles.  I wish I could take the credit, but it’s really just being ready at the right millisecond with a quick trigger finger.  So we begged and begged, and tickled her cheek…and nothing.  But then….all on her own (for maybe half a millisecond) she gave us this beauty….and the DIMPLE is just the cherry on top! :)  After the shutter clicked, I thought to myself, “Please…PLEEEEEAAASE let it be in focus!”  And it was!!!