I’ve been such a bad blogger lately…been busy, so I’ve got some catching up to do!

First up is this adorable family that is always such a pleasure to work with!  As you can see, baby number 2 (a boy!) will be arriving soon…and lucky for mom, just before the heat of summer comes around.  Good timing guys!  The weather was beautiful the day of our session…just perfect…and the colors are glorious this time of year.  Oh how I love to be able to be outside again!!

Big sis was so sweet with mom’s belly…

…giving the baby a little tickle.

…and some loves.

These adorable sun glasses were her bribe reward for taking “just a few more” photos. =)  When mom finally took them out of the bag and surprised her, she looked at us like, “WHAT? This is it?”  Too funny.  I love 2 year olds, especially cute spunky ones.