Happy Spring everyone!!!  I think it’s safe to say we’ve turned the corner and warmer days are in our near future…I am SO excited to be able to get to shoot outside again.  I have a couple sessions later this week and I’m super excited!!

If you are a Facebook Fan you may know that I was out of town attending a huge photographer’s conference in Las Vegas last week – WPPI – Wedding & Portrait Photographers International.  It is always great to meet new colleagues and see old friends as well as learn a thing or two, have a few drinks, and leave feeling totally rejuvenated and I N S P I R E D!

One of the many inspiring speakers I was able to catch was Tamara Lackey.  Among other things, Tamara talked about the importance of capturing families….this resonated with me.  MY family is the most important thing to me and I bet YOUR family is the most important thing to you, but yet many photographers shy away from photographing families (because hey, let’s face it, it can be a bit chaotic!) and many mothers shy away from having images taken with their children because of personal insecurities or physical hang-ups.  “I need to lose 10 more pounds.”….”I have nothing to wear.”….”I’m not photogenic.” Sound familiar?  I know it does…I’ve heard it all before, and I’m guilty of saying the same things myself….BUT…you know what….(well, besides the fact I can “fix” muffin tops a bit and give you a little digital botox if you insist)…heheheee….

Your kids don’t care!  Let me say it again, YOUR KIDS DON’T CARE!  Trust me, they really don’t.   :)  How many times have your kids looked at images and said “Gee mom, you have a huge butt in that photo?” or “Wow, look at your muffin top!”…chances are, not too many.  Kids are most happy and most comfortable when surrounded by their parents, so why not embrace it?  It’s great to have images of just your children, but when you pass your photographs down to your children later on wouldn’t you rather have them remember you?  The close bond your family shares?  The way your family just fits together?  I know I would.  I don’t want my kids to wonder where mom was when all the photos were taken.

And that is my goal for 2010…to capture more families.  REAL families.  Not just families sitting perfectly in the grass smiling for the camera…but REAL families…interacting, laughing, embracing, heck, maybe even dancing…H A P P Y…REAL families.  I like to think of it as perfectly imperfect, because that’s what families are…perfectly imperfect. Now don’t worry, we’ll grab a few of everyone looking at the camera too, but let’s face it…that’s not REAL…it’s pretty, and nice, but how often does that actually happen?  If your family is like mine, not too darn often!   :)

So…this is your fair warning!  Don’t be surprised if I tell you to jump in some images with your kids…or (gasp!) your spouse…and don’t tell me you don’t want to because you look fat…because remember, this isn’t about YOU, it’s about YOUR KIDS (and ahem…I’m the boss)!   :D

AND…because I’m making you all do it…*I* will do it to!  So…to those photographers reading this….who wants to photograph my family??  Haha! Warning: I might have a muffin top and I’m not photogenic BUT my kids and husband are pretty darn cute, and gosh darn it, I want photos with *me* in them! LOL

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Edited To Add: Attention Photographers: I have had several requests asking if it was okay to share this on your own blogs. Yes, I have no problem with that. Feel free to share a link to my post or copy and paste the text with a link back to the original. Thank you!

Since I haven’t shared photos of my own kids for awhile, I thought now was the perfect time to share some…

We used this on her Valentine’s Day card this year…and I love it…because it’s not “perfect”, but it’s SO her, and that’s what I want to remember.

And I should also note that my girls are 8, 6, and 4…and this is the FIRST time I’ve ever photographed them together AND got them all looking at the camera and smiling!   ;)