You’ve had your session…you have your beautiful, stunning, breathless prints in hand….and then they sit….in the box…for months!  Sound like you?  I will be entirely honest and say when I hear clients say this, it makes me cringe….and a little bit sad.   :)  I’ve been intending to make this post for a long time, and have been collecting images for this post for even longer!

I’m hoping to provide you with a little inspiration to get some ideas flowing of how you can display images in your home.  The style now is pretty much anything goes!  Easy as pie….right?  Not so much?  Photos can liven up almost any space in your home, I mean who can resist those smiling faces looking back at you every day?  It doesn’t matter if you have a little space or a lot of space, the ideas in the gallery below can be adapted to any space.  Some of the ideas don’t show actual photographs in the frames, but hopefully just the arrangements might spark some ideas.

Here are a few tips to get you going:

1. Mix and match frames for a more interesting display.  For a classic, yet contemporary gallery look, choose all black frames, but vary the frame size and thickness and/or photo and mat size.

2. Always use a mat!  Why?  Besides giving your display more of a modern “gallery” look, a mat separates the photograph from the glass and allows the print to breathe.  No mat means that over time, your photographs are likely to stick to the glass which will in turn ruin the print.

3. Don’t forget the unexpected!  Have a long skinny wall?  Or a little nook in your bathroom?  Don’t be afraid to add photos in unexpected places.  Don’t forget about kids’ bedrooms and playrooms, offices, entry ways, dining rooms…

4. Request a custom size.  Want a long skinny image for above your queen size bed?  Or a particular size for above your fireplace?  Ask for it.  Most photographers are happy to offer custom sizes to accommodate their clients.

5. As I mentioned above, anything goes.  Whether you prefer more linear or “organic” displays…there is a gallery out there that will work for everyone!  Five 16×20 frames in a horizontal row can make just as much of an impact as a display of several different size and style of frames.

6. While dreaming up your design, cut out rectangles the size of your frames (using old newspapers) and tape them to your wall to give you a visual aid to work from.  Rearrange as many times as needed.  This is especially helpful for hanging the gallery too.

7. Ask your photographer for suggestions!  We love that!   :)

Now on to the gallery of ideas!  The following images come from a little site I LOVE called DecorPad.  DecorPad is a *fabulous* website for anyone interested in interior design or people who are nosy (like me) and just like to peep at other people’s spaces.  DecorPad is full of design inspiration from popular magazines and also members who can upload images of their own spaces. You can search by room or color and with a click….POOF!…inspiration at your fingertips!  (For example, at the top choose “Photos” from the drop down menu then type “Kitchens” in the search box…BAM…beautiful kitchens!) OH!…annnnnnnndyou might also feel the sudden urge to redecorate your entire home!

*Disclaimer: I’m NOT responsible for the ridiculous amount of time that can be sucked from your life by this website!  So proceed with caution!!  :)

Inspired??  Got some ideas?  I hope so.  Your life IS art, so get off your duff and hang those photos! ;)

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