This time of year is always a busy, busy time for new little arrivals. I was so glad to meet this little guy…and he was tiny, even at 12 days…so adorable and just the.perfect.model. Hardly fussed, slept through all my messing with him, and I mean, really….how can you resist that sweet little face? His parents were oooohing and ahhhing over him the whole session…and who could blame them? Certainly not me. ;)

David & Liz…It was so wonderful to meet you guys and I’m honored to have captured this special time in your lives. Owen is absolutely PERFECT! Enjoy each and every moment…I know you guys will!! :)

I had to share this one because I just love when they pose themselves.


A special hat that grandma made.  So cute!

He was full of smiles.  I love how he looks so tiny here!